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You just look foolish when you put me out
cuz nothing gonna change then if you feel about me now
you lay down the sleep..that’s when it’ll hurt the most

the morning when you wake up alone and you still smell my smoke
so drink up babe and try and push me out
nothing’s gonna change the way you feel about me.

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Just discovered this Spanish singer-songwriter; great song, great lyrics. “Hoy me resulta imposible escapar del miedo a reconocer que no me porto bien. Miedo a vivir, miedo a sufrir, miedo a perder. Miedo a subir al cielo de tu mano. Miedo a no verte más, miedo a la realidad. Miedo a vivir bajo las luces de la oscuridad. Miedo a que no contestes si te llamo. Miedo a pensar que tú mañana sentirás miedo.”

UPDATE. The rest of the album is as impressive as this song; it contains several gems (‘Enredadera’, ‘La felicidad’, among others): great musical concepts, fantastic production and arrangements. Worth checking it out in its integrity, you won’t regret it.

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